Announcing My Project 365: Year 2012 in Authors’ Quotes


Anyone can become a writer. The trick is staying a writer.   –Harlan Ellison

Do you consider yourself a writer? Many people say they aspire to be writers, or that they’d like to write a book one day. But while spoken words reflect aspirations and goals, they are empty and meaningless without product.

In short, writers are people who write. Every day, without fail. Good days, emotionally rough days, or even days where you are so busy the only time you can find is a quick twenty minutes before you fall asleep at night.

Today, I am announcing a giant project for the year 2012: Project 365 is a series of blogs who have dedicated themselves to posting a blog every day in a specific project. I am going to do my own project, writer-style.

In 2012, I will post a blog every day highlighting and discussing a famous author’s quote that inspires me and hopefully inspires others. I aim to include the socially accepted greats (Twain, Shakespeare, Wolfe), the lesser knowns (Sachar, Nix) and the mostly invisibles.

I believe that everyone has something important, something amazing to say. And as writers, our job is to record those words and create meaning behind them.

Join me in 2012!


15 thoughts on “Announcing My Project 365: Year 2012 in Authors’ Quotes

    • Excellent! I’m thinking it’ll be a reflection of my own writing growth as I continue to work on my novel as well as work on article writing for a few websites. But I think quotes are flexible enough it can be about having a bad day with cereal if I really wished 🙂

  1. I’m going to be following your 365. I just signed up for email follow. Your post above is excellent, I should love to write but get discouraged very easily. My 365 will be either a photo, or a word in French, or both… Have a Happy 2012.

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  4. The look for your web site is a tad off in Epiphany. Even So I like your site. I may have to use a normal browser just to enjoy it.

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