New Years Eve & Mark Twain: Day -1 of Project 365 in Quotes

Anti-Stratfordian Mark Twain, wrote "Is S...

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New Year’s Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.
Mark Twain

I know, I’m starting a day early. And with the extra day in the year 2012 (making it 366 days in the year), I must be crazy to add a second extra day. But as good new years resolutions go, I’ll curse myself thirty days from now, when things start to get really tough.

If Twain’s quote seems a little pessimistic to you, I have two responses to that.

  1. Writers have a love of being realists. I thought I was alone in being a bit skeptical of New Years resolutions, but as I sifted through dozens of quotes, all by authors damning their peers on new years eve, I realized I wasn’t alone. It would seem many greats such as the satirist Oscar Wilde, french writer Andre Gide, F. M. Knowles, Anais Nin, the modern P. J. O’Rourke, to name a few, have all taken a tongue-in-cheek viewpoint on the New Years resolution tradition.
  2. The very idea of a social acceptable yearly promise that you break a month later is not only realistic…it’s interesting. And there is nothing writers love more than the interesting. Broken promises make stellar stories.

This isn’t a hard and fast rule, of course. There are many great people who have very inspiring New Years Eve quotes, and some of them are even by recognizable authors. Unfortunately, they all have the feel of a hallmark card to me; they are broad in order to appeal to any individual from any background.

In order for a positive New Years quote to really *ring* with me, it ought to be far more personalized. You can create your own New Years quote thats meaningful to you and those you love.

Disagree? Have your own quote that’s really affected you? Leave a comment below!


13 thoughts on “New Years Eve & Mark Twain: Day -1 of Project 365 in Quotes

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  2. Hi I am also participating in Project 365 for 2012 (Photograph and share the story of a Veteran a Day).

    I have added you to my blogroll and look forward to watching your blog all year long. =)

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  9. Twain is one of my favorites. There is one short story about getting a lightening rod for his house that still keeps me roaring. Naturally I like Garrison Keillor who I would call today’s Mark Twain as far as short humor goes.

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