Pep Talks & Jean Sibelius: Day 12 of Project 365

Photograph of Jean Sibelius, the Finnish compo...

Pay no attention to what the critics say; no statue has ever been erected to a critic. —  Jean Sibelius

Really take a moment to enjoy what Sibelius has to say. And to there are several statues erected to Sibelius in his home country, Finland.

(For anyone who is confused, I’m not trying to mislead you. I fully acknowledge that Jean Sibelius is no writer, but rather a brilliant composer. But he creates greatness out of nothing, and that is what all artists have in common.)

Sometimes we, as writers, need to be force-fed the positives of our writing. We need to self-instigate the giant ego boost needed to actually write something great.

So take a moment and step away from every critic you know. Include yourself in that list. Lose the worry of “good enough” work and write because you love it.

My biggest critiques throughout my life (other than myself) have always been teachers/professors. They rarely to never enjoy what I write for their classes. And the most common critique cited? “Unorganized”.

Sometimes I let this word really get to me. I’ll be in the midst of writing, oh, lets say a blog entry, and three sentences in I realize all three sentences should be in entirely different sections of the entry for it to make sense.

I’m ashamed to admit, my immediate reactions is frustration, and I put it all on myself. If I had let it really sink in, I would have had to walk away from the computer just to get my mind to calm down. I could see immediately in my writing what I had been told I do for ten years.

But I told myself at least I’m aware of what, exactly, is unorganized (even if I’m still not quite sure how to fix it). And the only way I can better is practice even when it gets difficult. And sometimes I manage to come up with a bit of writing that I’m truly proud of…it can happen again!

How do you give yourself pep talks?

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