Motivation & Abraham Lincoln: Day 24 of Project 365

Cropped portion of Abraham Lincoln Photograph,...

Abraham Lincoln: Sixteenth President of the United States

“Always bear in mind that your resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” – Abraham Lincoln

It’s been tougher than usual to find time to write in the last couple of days. My new resolution to start saving up money has led to jobs where I work over 11 hours every couple of days, which doesn’t leave much free time or energy to work.

The only reason I have two jobs is my own need to overachieve goals, even the goal of making extra cash with part time jobs. On days where I am working a billion hours, I keep myself going by thinking about things like Lincoln’s quote.

Nobody wants this more than me. So who can better motivate me other than myself?

This kind of need for self-motivation are essential to the protagonists driving our stories (much more than it tends to be in our daily lives). The greatest stories feature individuals who are go-getters, who drive the story forward even when everything in their lives tells them to turn back and give up.

So find something in your own life that makes you a self-motivated individual, and write a journal entry detailing what happened. Pay especial attention to how it made you feel, at its worst moment and at its best moment. What drove you forward when all seemed the most hopeless?

These personal tactics are transferable to your stories of any genre, and can add a level of depth to your characters that resonate with your readers.

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