What Decade Am I Living In? Women’s Rights & Lois Wyse: Day 37 of Project 365

Lois Wyse: American advertising executive, author, & columnist

Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths.”  ~Lois Wyse

What better day to jump back on the writing bandwagon than a day when I get really pissed off at our government?

It is in my nature to try to understand both sides of any argument, even when I find myself clearly opinionated and biased towards one side or another.

I’m just having trouble understanding the perspective of the men who are making laws (like the one in Virginia) against women’s rights. (Don’t worry, we can still vote. As far as I know.)

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, feel free to educate yourself further. As a quick personal summary of what has happened, a law has been passed in Virginia stating that women are required, against their will, to undergo vaginal probing (as opposed to any other technological method that does exist) at the doctor’s office. (Article here) There is also a House Committee (led by Republicans) that, in their efforts to ban birth control on health care insurance for women, have created a committee of all males to repeal Obama’s health care law on that front…and prevented women from testifying in front of the committee (Article here).

This is the part where, for a moment, I am merely speechless.

Then I come to the (rather heated) conclusion that these people want their women rich (to afford to take care of their bodies) and either so pregnant we proliferate like the Irish stereotype or completely asexual (a rather blind view of how the wider world works in spite of our controlling attempts to change it).

As you can see, I am very opinionated, seeing that I am part of the population that have vaginas. (Are we not half the population, give or take?)

I’m all for having differences of opinion; it creates conflict, human nature, other things that are inevitable exciting in life. However, when both sides are not able to speak up for themselves, we have a serious problem. In House Committees who are making decisions about women, women should be able to speak for themselves.

But something else is happening.

I understand this is one of my more inflammatory posts, and I welcome all criticisms and responses any readers might have. One of the most beautiful things about being human is that we can communicate, even when we are not the same.

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4 thoughts on “What Decade Am I Living In? Women’s Rights & Lois Wyse: Day 37 of Project 365

  1. My favorite feminist blogger uses the term “Vagina-Americans” as in “Vagina-Americans comprise 51% of the American population”

  2. As someone who is currently working to attract more women to science, we have a common issue. Women, no matter how busy, need to make time to seek leadership positions. Leadership can be difficult and lonely but highly rewarding when you help women have a voice.

  3. Since my fellow republicans don’t have anything to offer about the economy and creating jobs they resort to values issues to stir the base. But being captured by the Religious Right has eroded that base. None of these things about women’s biological, medical or moral choices should be in the political arena at all. The religious that wish to impose their ridiculous values should remember that Jesus never went to the Roman Senate or the Jewish Sanhedrin to get laws passed. I agree with you views.

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