Her blog is an open discussion about the journey of a fresh writer.  It is both commentary and interactive, full of questions and personal experiences.  It is a determined outreach towards other young writers who are looking for support, humor, and new ideas.

Valerie is a full-time writer with a flexible schedule, efficient work ethic, and a close relationship with deadlines. She is an energetic and vibrant personality that has years of writing experience, including creative writing, sociological writing, and technical writing. All this is combined with a degree in anthropology to create a meticulous writing powerhouse. No project is too big or too small for her to take on.

Because writing is more than simple grammar and punctuation skill, she has jumped into many experiences that have give me perspective and knowledge in a large variety of subjects. She has lived all over the world, done various sort of academic research projects, learned crafts such as leather working, metal casting, and knitting, and she is currently in the final stages of writing a novel.

Elsewhere online:
GAMING – Examiner.com: Local examiner expert
ANTHROPOLOGY – Suite101: Articles on Anthropology
SOCIAL – Facebook: Social Platform
UPDATES – Twitter: Follow for updates and social networking for writers

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